Most Gmail users added their account to the iPhone's default mail app, and forgot about it. But, finally, there's to be a proper app for that.

You Will Have Mail

Gmail, when used via a mail app, does the job for most iPhone users, and that app has been slowly improved in a generic way over time. Or, there's the Gmail web app for those who want to go via their mobile's browser.

But, for those who insist on the best and a dedicated app, with features like push email, the wait (over three years, if you didn't bother with the third-party solutions) is almost over. Google has apparently passed the app to Apple for approval and it could go live any day now.

UPDATED: The app went live on Wednesday, only to be pulled a few hours later by Google due to numerous complaints of bugs and technical issues. Google said 'Unfortunately, the app contained a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when first opening the app.' On the plus side, Google's new web-based Gmail update seems to have gone a lot smoother.

Learning Opportunities

To Push or Not to Push

The app, according to reports, has been loaded with features and polish to bring an excellent Gmail experience to the iPhone. Aside from push, which I'd rather leave turned off than be constantly badgered, there's the likelihood of other features from the evolving web version of Gmail and links to Google's other services. 

That could include the likes of the Priority Inbox, the ability to highlight important messages with stars and perhaps even folders. Improved, deeper, search is likely along with chance of opening up a wider range of attachments, perhaps in Google Docs or the ability to forward socially-relevant messages into Google +.

While it's hard to get excited about plain old mail in this social media-friendly world, workers and Facebook-holdouts should find plenty to enjoy in the app when it finally sees daylight.