[Infographic] Mobile in 2012

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Looking back, as we do in December, it's hard to imagine what life would have been like had there been no mobile. During 2012, our smartphones became smarter, faster, slimmer. Tablets multiplied. Operating systems expanded. Mobile devices became our books, our shopping carts, our mobile wallets, our second screens, our offices and an extension of ourselves.

Where Ever You Go, 2012 Was Mobile

Mobile in the enterprise also evolved considerably. Bring Your Own Device models matured and while some companies welcomed personal devices into the workforce, others developed policies that limited their use to better protect company documents. Still, employees grew wary of having their personal devices scrutinized by IT.

Mobile operating systems proliferated, while Apple's iOS got beat by Android. There are more smartphones than ever before, PC sales are declining, and tablets are becoming more popular in the enterprise. The mobile revolution is upon us and it's impacting web engagement, customer experience, information management and social business.

Mobile 2012.jpg

Learning Opportunities

By the third quarter, mobile technology was still rapidly evolving, bringing both iPad minis and Windows 8. Their impact won't be felt until the first quarter of 2013, but their road to release kept us busy for most of the year. As we enter the last big holiday spending spree of 2012, we will be very curious to see what mobile gadgets end up under the tree.

Overall, mobile is everywhere. Having a computer in your pocket has definitely changed the way people engage with others, collaborate and share information, how we entertain ourselves, and what we buy. As a result, the word mobile is changing how we think about the world. Mobile isn't just a phone, it's a way of life and our expectations are shifting. Will 2013 be able to keep up?