New Facebook Insights Gives Fans Something to Talk About

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New Facebook Insights Gives Fans Something to Talk About
Facebook is giving us more insight into the world of Facebook pages. This week, the social media site announced a new dashboard to measure the reach of individual Page posts.

Deeper Insights

Insights, while useful, didn’t always allow page administrators to delve deep into their users behaviors. Until now. Administrative users now have the Insights tab, which lists the Page’s total number of fans ("Total Likes") and the total number of other people reached via those fans ("Friends of Fans”), with a ticker that keeps track of its ebbs and flows.

Facebook also offers up a new metric called People Talking About This, which tells you what people are talking about, as well as other conversational mentionables that may lend additional insight into how a user is engaged with the brand. Such activities could include Liking the Page; posting to the Page’s Wall; liking, sharing, or commenting on a post; RSVPing to an event; being tagged in a photo on the Page; checking in at the brand’s Place and Liking or sharing a check-in deal.


Learning Opportunities

Optimizing Social Media Marketing Integration

By providing such access, Facebook is giving companies better tools to measure the impact of their posts, as well as help them create content that resonates within their fans’ networks. It also serves to give companies a better understanding of how their Facebook presence may or may not be engaging their fans, which they can then tweak and see how it improves.

These updates also coincide with Facebook’s release of a “Page Insights API” designed for third parties and developers (Context Optional, Wildfire, and Webtrends) that have access to certain kinds of Facebook data. Such partnerships create a codependency that almost ensures social media marketing integration.

With so many new changes that may be overwhelming for users and marketers alike, Facebook is at least providing new ways to make sense of it all. For brands wanting to leverage their fans' networks, these new insights will help considerably.