The tune about social business is slowly changing. A recent AIIM survey reveals that over half of user organisations consider social business applications to be significant, if not imperative, to their business goals. 

Admittedly, by "over half" we mean 51%. But this number rises to 62% for larger organisations. 

“What we’re seeing from this survey is an emerging set of applications that leverage expertise and innovation inside the enterprise," said AIIM’s Head of Market Intelligence, Doug Miles. "Away from the hype of social marketing, a new set of internal business applications has emerged to grab these collaborative technologies and use them to boost knowledge, speed up response and improve teamwork. The bigger the organisation, the more important it is to make these tools widely accessible in order to bring together geographically dispersed teams and to break down departmental boundaries.”

The list of tools Miles speaks of includes micro-blogs, wikis, share-sites and forums-- you know the drill.

More and More Demand

The survey, was taken by 451 individual members of the AIIM community between July and August of this year. The resulting report, entitled “Social Business Systems – success factors for Enterprise 2.0 applications” is available for free download on AIIM's official site

When compared to previous surveys, AIIM says organisations are now twice as likely to consider social business as an infrastructure investment (27%). The number required to make a business case based on financial returns, rather than general business benefits, has dropped from 20% to 12%.

Further, most organizations are planning to continue their current investment in social business systems, with 20% stating their intention to increase spend in the next 12 months compared to the last 12 months.

Miles's comment about moving "away from the hype of social marketing" touches on a topic we recently featured as a monthly theme: From Social Media to Social Business. 

Here are a few highlights:

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