Panopto has recently released version 4.3 of its video platform, which expands on the company’s position as as a video platform competitor.

Panopto: An End-to-End Video Platform For Just About Everything

A Video Platform Plus

The role of video within the the business community is growing as now it can not only be used in video marketing, but as a business enhancement tool. Panopto recently found that while many companies recognize that video is useful, many video solutions have functionality issues such as being unable to search for content within a video, or problems with video recording and therefore release a “one size fits all” model that doesn't fill all of a client's needs. .

With its release of Panopto 4.3, the company aims to improve the efficiency and capabilities of video platforms across all business aspects by bring together sharing and communication features. Panopto users are able to record any kind of a live video, including screencasts and presentations, while also being able to share both live and recorded broadcasts that are automatically uploaded into a video library in multiple formats, such as mpeg, wma and m2a. These files can also be viewed on any type of device. The videos can also be commented, rated and are equipped with a built in search engine that allows users to search specific keywords.

A Wide Range of Video Competition

As a whole, Panopto provides users with a platform where they can keep track of and share video files with colleagues and other relevant individuals, but they aren't the only enterprise-level video solution available.

Being able to record and broadcast video isn’t a new invention, other tools such as uStream and Sonic Foundry’s MediaSite also offer recording and broadcasting capabilities. Although, according to Panopto, its product sets them apart from competitors because it is a more cost efficient solution, as users have the ability to record, share and broadcast quality video and screencasts without having to buy any additional equipment.

Subsequently, there are other solutions available for screencasts, such as Brainshark's broadcasting tool for SlideShark, but Panopto says that its technology has a larger feature set that many other screencasting and presentation products in the market by being able to broadcast presentations live, having the keyword search feature and the ability to record multiple streams as once.

Panopto has also found that many companies are looking for a multi-tooled platform where they can not only have recordable and playable solutions, but can also embed video and set up close captioning. There are similar products out there that fill this need, such as Helix Media Library, but Panopto says its product was chosen by clients because the platform is fully integrable with the mentioned recording and streaming capabilities and is also a video management platform.

More than Just a Business Audience

Overall, the more capabilities a video platform has, the more successful and capable the product will be. For Panopto, its platform is not only being used by businesses, but universities as lecture capturing software.

In the end the simplicity of the live deployment, reliability of the captures, and the output all make this a compelling product,” said a review from Education Technology Today.

These schools include the University of Southampton and University of Missouri --- St. Louis.