Qumu Launches IBM Connections Social Video Solution for Collaborative Knowledge Sharing #ibmconnect

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Enterprise video solution provider Qumu is launching a new application designed to allow users to directly collaborate with video from the IBM Connections interface. The IBM Connections Social Video Solution enables uploading, sharing, distributing and managing video from IBM Connections.

Specifically, the IBM Connections Social Video Solution enables users to upload video content directly from the Qumu environment to IBM Connections pages. In addition, users can add videos to or create videos for blogs, stay on IBM Connections pages with embedded video players during playback, create and edit video on Connections pages and leverage automatic transcoding and version management.

Creating the Corporate YouTube

Qumu’s new Social Video Solution is part of an ongoing effort the vendor is making to create a “corporate YouTube.” As reported in a recent Technorati article, Qumu sees 2013 as the year when corporations will substantially change how they communicate via video. Qumu seeks to enable organizations to share information, perform training and generally communicate via enterprise video, supplementing or even replacing more traditional forms of corporate communications such as text and email.

And as reported by CMSWire, Qumu introduced a functionality called “speech search” as part of its Video Control Solution. Speech search enables users to locate specific videos by searching for keywords or key phrases used by speakers in the video.

According to Qumu, three-quarters of a company’s business knowledge is spoken in meetings, not written down. When those meetings are video recorded, finding that knowledge has traditionally required that the videos first be transcribed into searchable text. Qumu is removing that step, by adding Speech Search to its video portal.

Learning Opportunities

Speech Search indexes all the videos in the portal so they can be searched for a spoken word or phrase from any user device. Furthermore, text and speech can be searched simultaneously. Multiple videos can be searched at once, and if workflow rules are set, certain spoken words can be searched automatically.


Qumu Social Video Solution for IBM Connections in action

The Corporate Video Arms Race?

With personal video communication having become so common, the potential of video for enterprise knowledge sharing and communications could well mean a race to provide new products similar to this offering. Qumu’s collaboration with IBM Connections is another example of how it is trying to increase the accessibility and usability of corporate video to make 2013 “the year of video” and create a true “corporate YouTube.”