Qumu Updates SharePoint Video Tool; Releases Survey about SharePoint

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Business video platform provider Qumu,has released an update for their SharePoint Video Content Management 3.0. This update was introduced alongside survey results regarding SharePoint’s video capabilities and aims to improve platform's video capabilities.

The SharePoint Video Survey Results

The 2012SharePoint User Survey was conducted from October 15 to 16, 2012 for Qumu by uStamp. The results were based on the answers of 500 participants from the United States who currently use or have used enterprise video within SharePoint and focused on issues and improvements.

94 percent of those surveyed said they wanted a better form of video support, while 92 percent said that their job performance suffered due to inadequate video. The participants were also polled on what they felt needed the most improvement. For example, 58 percent wanted better uploading capabilities, while 29 percent wanted better video collaboration software.

One of the most common issues participants found within SharePoint is a lack of proper video meeting capabilities. They said that if this problem was corrected, it would improve video meetings with employees, such as a CEO All-Hands session. At least 82 percent of those polled said some of their of their employees would be able attend video meetings, while 35 percent said that many of the employees would be able to attend -- if the feature was offered within SharePoint.

Almost all of those polled said that they’d like to see a YouTube type experience, as it would increase productivity and collaboration among their employees. Some of the benefits that are thought to come from this type of video format include: increased access to training videos, giving employees a voice to share their ideas, increased access to expert knowledge and improved organization and search of videos.

These results demonstrate the increasing demand for video collaboration in SharePoint,” said Ray Hood, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qumu.“Frankly it’s no surprise to us, as a large percentage of our customer base uses our video solution for SharePoint. We see it as the best way to dramatically improve employee collaboration in SharePoint.”

The Qumu Update

As these survey results released Qumu also announced at the 2012 SharePoint Conference, the newest version of their video content management solution: SharePoint Video Content Management 3.0

Learning Opportunities

The solution is part of the Qumu Video Control Center. It allows users to collaborate and stream live and on demand video within SharePoint and route videos automatically through any device, such as a mobile or tablet. Key features included in the update are:

  • An iframe-based video player that can be embedded within a SharePoint page so that users can watch and share live webcasts and other videos.
  • Videos can be linked to other SharePoint documents and assets in a single workflow.
  • Videos can also be uploaded directly to the SharePoint portal and immediately submitted to the approval workflow.
  • Content preparation now includes automatic transcoding and version management..

Big Changes for SharePoint

This update from Qumu isn't the only announcement keeping SharePoint in the news.

Along with the pending launch of SharePoint 2013, as was mentioned, the company is holding their annual conference this week, where a variety of updates and new products are expected to be announced.

Outside of the conference, companies have been updating their software to make it compatible with the 2013 version., last week Blue Rooster released Madison, document sharing and collaboration tool that can be used with SharePoint, while Metalogix announced that their Content Matrix tool would be able to move content from one version of SharePoint to another.