Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Study Reveals Mood Swings In Tweets
  • Huffington Post Traffic Hits 1 Billion Pageviews
  • Which TV Shows Are Popular in Social Media?
  • Twitter Ad Revenue to Top $400 Million By 2012

Study Reveals Mood Swings In Tweets

Do your tweets reveal your inner mood? That is, would you say your tweets are more optimistic during the weekend and gloomy in the middle of the work day? In a survey in which 510 million posts on Twitter were analyzed, a pattern in sentiment was discovered, showing that Twitter users wake up happy and become progressively more grumpy throughout the day.

Researchers looked into key words indicating positive (happy and enthusiastic) and negative (sad and anxious) moods of around 2.4 million users, and then mapped these against a clock to see when Twitter users are the most moody. Results indicate that folks wake up full of optimism and gradually get more negative through the day, recovering at around 6:30 PM. Moods are at their peak on the weekend.

With Twitter showing real-time messages based on a persons' thought and feelings, it's interesting to analyze the tweets and how they vary throughout the day. It would be interesting to analyze Facebook messages to see if the same time/sentiment patterns are applicable.

Huffington Post Traffic Hits 1 Billion Pageviews

The Huffington Post is definitely a popular weblog. The news and politics site has jumped into the mainstream and it has the traffic to prove it. Since the acquisition by AOL, of the Huffington Post has become a powerhouse in online news, becoming as influential as traditional media when it comes to news gathering and swaying opinions.

In terms of numbers, the Huffington Post says that it has recorded it's highest unique monthly visitor count at 37 million. Accordingly these users have driven page views above 1 billion and made Huffington Post the recipient of 5.1 million comments in August 2011. In other Huffington Post news, the site has acquired Localocracy, a site where registered voters weigh in on local issues and seek to solve problems in the communities.

Are you a Huffington Post reader? If so, are you a fan of the active user community?

Which TV Shows Are Popular in Social Media?

TV's fall season is in full swing here in the United States. Likewise, social media sites Facebook and Twitter are full of commentary and discussion on these new TV shows. So, which pilots garnered the most attention online? GigaOm recently posted data from to help find out.  

The results reveal that the top five shows include (in order): The X Factor, Pan Am, New Girl, Terra Nova and Charlie's Angels. The data consists of aggregated tweets, public Facebook posts and check-ins form GetGlue and Miso. The shows above are popular among social media participants and drive the belief that today's TV viewers are connected and show it real-time. Likewise, if TV producers and advertisers are paying attention, they'll see readily-available realtime data to gauge interest in shows from week to week.

Do you agree with the list above -- are they high on your list of new shows?  If not, speak up...Twitter and Facebook analysts are listening.

 Twitter Ad Revenue to Top $400 Million By 2012

Twitter is no doubt a popular service. However, for the sake of the site sticking around, we should constantly be looking as to how the company is doing financially. According to eMarketer, Twitter is doing just fine in the ad revenue department. According to a recent article, Twitter is set to bring in nearly $140 million in global ad revenues this year, up 210% from $45 million in 2010.

The ad revenue is due in large part to the debut of Twitter's Promoted Products in the United States. Marketers have shown great engagement with the advertising model on Twitter and revenue to the company has been upward accordingly. In fact, eMarketer predicts that ad revenue at Twitter will hit $400 million within two years. While much of Twitter's ad revenue will come from the United States this year, other geographies will come into play in the near future. Non-US revenue is expected to rise from 4% this year to 12% by 2013.

Do you pay attention to Promoted Tweets? An informal poll I conducted showed that of 5 people asked, 4 never noticed promoted tweets and products.