Expert Labs announces that the ThinkUp social data analysis tool hit its1.0 milestone.

Gina Trapani, software developer and founder of Lifehacker, announced that her most recent open source project, ThinkUp, rolled out of beta.

Out of Beta

Trapani says that, in April, the Expert Labs team and the ThinkUp community defined 1.0 requirements for the project. Before the ThinkUp web application -- a free, open-source project to capture social network activity -- would be "out of beta," all major features needed to be built, documentation completed and it must be relatively bug-free, including security and privacy bug fixes. Trapani wrote:

After 8 alphas, 17 betas, and 1,342 commits by over 60 contributors over the past 20 months, I'm thrilled to announce that ThinkUp is now out of beta."

ThinkUp 1.0 is available for download from Github.

Is ThinkUp for You?

ThinkUp documentation says that the application is for organizations and personalities, such as journalists and bloggers, who actively use social networks, have more than 1,000 friends or followers, and need analysis tools to make the most of their social activities.

"At its heart, ThinkUp is a conversation analysis tool," according to the website. For example, the application can help users determine who their most popular followers are, how many people saw a retweet of a particular tweet and create graphs and charts to visualize a user's network.


Keep an eye on your followers with graphs and charts

A search feature helps users find and export old tweets, and a publish feature lets users embed conversations into their blogs or websites.

ThinkUp can run on most common LAMP-based hosting providers. PHP 5.2 or higher with cURL, GD and the PDO MySQL driver enabled. MySQL 5.0.3 or higher and a public web server are required.

Whitehouse Live Demo

The Whitehouse Twitter page and Facebook page provide a live demo of ThinkUp in action. For example, the demo shows that a "hot post" for @whitehouse on Twitter is:

Congratulations to everyone taking part in today's Great American Smokeout. Watch the President's message: #GASO2011"

One hour after that tweet was posted, it had already been retweeted 74 times. ThinkUp also shows the "All-Time Most Discerning Followers" as well as the most popular followers, including President Barack Obama and Bill Gates. Graph examples show the monthly, daily and weekly increase in followers, as well as list memberships.


Find out which followers are the most influential