Enterprise middleware provider TIBCO is releasing TIBCO Web Messaging for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 3.5, a mobile and web messaging solution. The most interesting aspect of the upgrade is that it includes functionality from the Kaazing JMS 3.5 data communication platform.

Specifically, Kaazing JMS 3.5 is designed to enable rapid, secure two-way communication between web devices, including desktops as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. According to TIBCO, this expands the number of touchpoints available in an enterprise and also significantly lowers Web overhead.

New features of TIBCO Web Messaging 3.5 include:

  • Disconnected or “backgrounded” mobile apps can still receive messages.
  • All inbound firewall ports can be closed but Web-based users retain data access.
  • Legacy browser support without application code rewrites.
  • Bandwidth control for volume-tiered data delivery.
  • Support for mobile hybrid apps.

Leveraging the 10-Second Mobile App

By enhancing the ability of Enterprise Message Service 3.5 to communicate with mobile devices, TIBCO is helping users leverage what Verivo Software EVP of Global Client Services TJ Neff recently referred to as the “10-Second Mobile App” in a CMSWire guest column. “These 10-second apps are usually focused on relatively simple transactions or workflows, but have the potential to save significant time and money, generating a quick ROI,” wrote Neff.. “Examples might include a vacation request app, a procurement app or a travel & expense app that focuses on corporate travel approvals.”

Learning Opportunities

Neff went on to note that Nucleus Research found that mobile CRM boosts productivity by an average of 14.6 percent and a survey from Aberdeen found that with mobile expense management, nearly 40 percent of companies lowered expense processing costs, while 22 percent enjoyed a higher rate of compliance with T&E policies.

Waging War on Latency

According to EWeek, TIBCO and Kaazing are joining forces to “wag(e) a war on data-movement latency.” EWeek reports that “even a tiny bit of latency in real-time enterprise applications can make a big difference to a business,” especially for enterprises relying on live data feeds that need to avoid the time lag security precautions can create.

However, despite Kaazing’s functionality and TIBCO’s embrace of it, EWeek notes that “most industry analysts believe…a sea change in the current Web delivery methodology is several years away from active use.”