While no one can say exactly what the year ahead holds for business, there are some clear forces at work that you cannot afford to ignore when building your digital strategy.

Preparing the Digital Business of 2013

1. With an eye firmly on the future, contributor Rob Howard takes a look back at the trends that shaped 2012 and speculates how they will shape the year to come in 2013: The Year of Big Data, Major Shifts & Convergence

The importance of data will become a central theme in 2013, as I anticipate we will see businesses take a more active role in controlling who owns the data created in their communities and in their social media channels. Businesses will seek to better understand behaviors, trends and recommendations that can be made available to their end consumers. As search continues to become smarter through the combination of social insights, less value will be placed on reporting. However, the consumerization of business intelligence will help quickly connect people to the information they need. Read more

2. With this piece, Dion Hinchcliffe takes a look at the digital forces that businesses cannot afford to ignore in the coming year if they want to remain relevant or in business at all -- Looking at Digital Business in 2013

Learning Opportunities

The power of social capital being formed in social media in all its variations is reshaping who is in charge, who has the bulk of control over value creation, and how companies must cultivate and engage their stakeholders. Digital organizations understand that peer production is the most powerful force in business. Companies like Intuit and Procter & Gamble are upending industries with this idea. Read more 

3. These forces have been rumbling for a few years now, but Hyoun Park predicts that social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are going to upend business as we know it in his Technology SMACdown Coming in 2013:

This perfect storm of opportunity and need will make 2013 the year of the edge application and highlight the ease of integration (or lack thereof) of existing enterprise applications. We’ll also see increasing attention on the potential of the partner ecosystem to deliver value with more digestible edge applications. Read More

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