The newly released version 5.0 of the ToutApp email management/analytics platform features integrations with several leading email, social business and mobile platforms, and also includes a few new tools.

Staying on Top of Email

ToutApp 5.0 now directly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook and Gmail email platforms. In addition, the solution integrates into the Salesforce social business platform and the iOS mobile environment. Tout email templates and a tracking sidebar are added to Outlook, allowing users to see when emails are opened and viewed, while new Gmail tools enable users to prioritize their inboxes based on groups. Updated Salesforce integration logs contact data from Outlook and Gmail, while inserting Salesforce data into email templates. And an enhanced iOS integration brings email templates and feeds to the ToutApp iPhone app and provides a web interface specifically designed for the iPad.

Other new tools include a “Smart Signals” feature that monitors emails and sends alerts about emails that drive high rates of engagement, as well as the status of email relationships with individual consumers. In addition, analytics and reporting capabilities provide a view into how sales and business development teams are performing with their email communications.

Email has been around long enough that some digital media experts now actually refer to it as a “legacy” technology. Whether email truly deserves this categorization is another debate for another time, but there is no doubt that newer Web-based communication technologies such as social media, text and IM have caused email to lose some of its luster. Yet virtually everyone has an email account and it remains a standard form of reaching out to consumers.

Extending the Value of Email

ToutApp is one of many vendors trying to extend the value of email by connecting it to other analytical and communication systems. For example, in December 2011, enterprise collaboration vendor Huddle partnered with VMWare Zimbra so that organizations using the Huddle collaboration platform can continue to use their email to read and respond to discussions around content (aka documents) that exists within Huddle. When users get an email notification that something has been said or done to a document, they can directly respond via email, with the response automatically be added the related whiteboard, discussion, file or task

And in April 2012, Oracle and TEAM, a systems integration vendor and specialist in Oracle WebCenter, announced an email manager for Oracle. With it, Oracle users are able to manage their email through Oracle’s WebCenter Content Record. The idea is to dramatically cut the volume of data retained in email exchanges and only keep what has been designated important, and all this through WebCenter.

Email remains a vital tool for communication, collaboration and promotion. Even on its own email is not likely to go away anytime soon, and applications like ToutApp 5.0 should help lengthen its productive lifespan even more.