Twitter Buys Posterous Social Networking Service

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Twitter acquired the Posterous social networking service, but what will happen to Posterous Spaces next remains unclear.

Posterous Joins Twitter

"This is one of the greatest days of my entire life," writes founder and CEO of Posterous Sachin Agarwal, in his blog post announcing that Posterous has been acquired by Twitter. In his blog post, Agarwal describes his experience since launching Posterous in 2008:

The past 4 years have been an incredible journey. Posterous took me from New York, to Boston, and then back to San Francisco. During that time I learned how to create and ship products. I built and managed an incredible team of 21 people. I learned about all aspects of running a company including fundraising, legal, finance, HR, marketing, business development, office management, and more."

Agarwal says that his new office at Twitter is only two blocks from his home in San Francisco, and he sounds eager to start working with his friends from BackType, a social analytics platform that Twitter acquired in 2011.

Posterous Spaces

An acquisition FAQ on the Posterous site isn't clear about what's next for the social networking service, but it sounds like there might be changes. "We’ll give you ample notice before any changes or disruptions to the service and we’ll provide specific instructions for exporting your content to another service," the site says. In fact, the page says that over the coming weeks, the company will provide instructions for how to export Posterous content to other services.

Posterous People Chime In

In January 2012, Twitter bought Summify, a social news aggregation service. Many users of the Summify service weren't happy about the deal, which immediately stopped new users registrations, removed users' ability to create public summaries, removed profile influence pages and disabled auto-publish. Posterous users are already bracing for possible changes.

Some users are hoping the Posterous service continues:



Learning Opportunities

Others expect it to close down:


And others think the acquisition is good for Twitter:


Check back for updates as we follow what happens next with Posterous at Twitter.