There's a seismic shift going on. Whether it's the way we are communicating or the new faces and shifting roles of the C-suite, change is afoot. 

This week our contributors took a look at where we're changing and where things remain the same and offered a glimpse into what the future intranets might look like. Experiments took place in both the B2B communications front and with SharePoint. They kicked tires, built dreams and herded sheep. 

Read on.

Building the Future Workplace

Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness Through Social Business

Ed Brill (@edbrill): Many organizations today are seeking opportunities to be more responsive and effective. Typical goals are to improve sales efficiency, accelerate innovation and increase responsiveness to customers. As companies have leveraged the benefits of external communication using social networking, leading organizations have recognized the potential for similar impact through full transformation into a social business.

Intranets: Your Not-So-New Collaboration Frontier

Kimberly Samuelson (@ecmchick): It’s been about a billion years (1994 says Wikipedia) since intranets were invented. So by now you would think that organizations would have figured out how to best leverage their information+data+processes+users using the intranet as a focal point.

You would be wrong.

Increasing Complexity Requires Increasing Agility

Gerry McGovern (@gerrymcgovern): The need to be agile and the need to collaborate in a cross-disciplinary fashion will be crucial to your future career.

Finding the Cure to the IT Requirements Fallacy

Stephen Fishman (@trivoca): A man walks into a doctors office and says "Doctor, I have this dull pain in my back and can't get to sleep. I think I have a kidney stone." The visibly frustrated doctor says, "Stop telling me about your diagnosis and tell me your symptoms!"

Four Highlights of the BoxWorks 'Wonder Woman' Panel #BoxWorks

Blake Landau (@blakelandau): Knowledge sharing is the single most important act that has to happen for women in Silicon Valley.

The New Box Experience: Building a Dream in a Box #BoxWorks

Virginia Backaitis: Aaron Levie is on a mission. The Box co-founder and CEO has a dream: he wants workers everywhere to have hassle-free access to the documents and other content they need to do great work from anywhere, at any time, using any computer or mobile device.  

Is There a Future for Enterprise Search?

Martin White (@intranetfocus):In September I was taking part in a European Commission conference on search computing at which a senior executive of a major search technology vendor proclaimed that enterprise search is dead, and that the focus should be on data analytics. Without doubt there are some significant benefits in enabling managers to look for trends and outliers in the mass of data that is now being collected by many companies, but that does not mean to say that "enterprise search is dead."  

Getting Noticed 

SAP Invades Oracle Open World #oow

Hyoun Park (@hyounpark): What does SAP's co-option of the Oracle Open World hashtag spell for the future of business to business social media relations?

At Oracle Open World, Larry Ellison was talking at the opening keynote on September 30th about Oracle Exadata X3, an in-memory database for companies that need to crunch terabytes of data quickly. Being Larry Ellison, he couldn't help but quickly tweak the competition ...

Five Strategies to Increase Product Visibility in an Oversaturated Market

Diane Buzzeo: With another holiday shopping season upon us, maximizing product visibility in the e-Commerce market is one of retailers’ biggest hurdles. Keyword-rich product descriptions are important, but that alone won’t be enough to differentiate your product lists from your competition’s this holiday season. 

Ensure Your Marketing Messages Get Delivered, Even to Gmail

Colleen Petitt: Despite the proliferation of digital channels, email remains an old standby: one of the most focused, effective ways to get a marketing message directly into the hands of customers and prospects.

Content Strategy: Herding Content With Editorial Calendars

Lori McNabb: Is your content running wild like a flock of sheep? Has some of it been out in the pasture allowed to graze for too long? Is it consistently being attacked by wolves? Choose your breed of wolf here, business partners, lawyers, writer wannabes? 

Let an Editorial Calendar help you protect and bring your content strategy under control.

WebbyTalks Tour Discusses Internet Privacy #WebbyTalks

Matthew O'Connell (@jefferson_smth): David-Michel Davies, Executive Director of the Webby Awards, is heading up a year-round, worldwide tour called “Webby Talks,” where interested and involved media groups can invite his insights into their venue. The presentation he delivered at Pereira & O’Dell in San Francisco gave a glimpse into the status of internet privacy with a marketing/advertising perspective to favor the audience in attendance.  

Experimentation Encouraged

Should I Auto-tag or Crowdsource my Metadata?

Henrik de Gyor (@hgg101): With the advent of more technology to help add metadata to digital assets, it would good to review a few tagging options available aside from what may already be done within an organization. 

Kicking the SharePoint Tires with CloudShare

Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet): Think you're not getting the most out of your SharePoint deployment? That's because you probably don't have the ability to experiment.

If you've seen one of my recent presentations, you know that I've been pointing people toward CloudShare as a tool for SharePoint experimentation. One of the realities of most organizations is that people do not have the ability to experiment.

Next week promises an avalanche of Social Business insights, so be sure to check back in.

Title image courtesy of Konstantin Sutyagin (Shutterstock)