Weekend Reads: Intranets Grow Up + No Love for Information ManagementSoon we'll all be pushing our way through the crowded stores in hopes of finding holiday gifts that our family and friends will enjoy ... Did that thought send shivers down anyone else's spine? In this last weekend before the holiday season kicks into full gear, take some time for yourself and check out our weekend reads. This week we look at the intranet's identity crisis, find out why information management gets no love in the boardroom and learn why digital marketers should be looking into semantic search. 

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Today's intranet is one that lacks an identity. Every employee and every organization has a different way of describing, deploying and utilizing its features so it's no wonder why the modern intranet is suffering from an identity crisis. Is there any hope of solving this problem? Gordon Ross says yes in his article: Solving the Modern Intranet's Identity Crisis.

I’m surprised I haven’t come across an intranet named Panacea yet -- given the modern intranet’s perceived cure-all, life-prolonging capabilities, it would certainly seem like an obvious choice. So what’s the source of the confusion? Let’s take a walk through a number of different perspectives on just what the modern intranet means."

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Information managers stop writing that business case because Joe Shepley is telling it like it is -- Nobody Really Cares about Information Management

Information management is technology intensive -- so much so that we can lose sight of the fact that we’re trying to solve business problems by managing information, not simply trying to use technology to manage information."

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Google had the right idea when it introduced the Knowledge Graph in 2012. I know, you're thinking "oh yeah, graphs, so exciting." But brands that take advantage of these semantic relationships can better understand their customers and improve their marketing techniques as Murthy Nukata explains in his article: Why Every Digital Marketer Needs a Graph.

Brands can create their own graphs to better understand customer needs and improve marketing messages, or they can make sure their solution providers employ graphs that can be easily leveraged. Taking it one step further, any marketer who doesn't have a graph within the next twelve months will be at a permanent competitive disadvantage."

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