An early Christmas came to Facebook fans last week when a staff member accidentally leaked various product prototypes and works in progress. The entire platform went out of service for approximately an hour in response to the leak, but the damage had been done. Here's a look at what you can probably expect to see from the network:

Memories... in the Corner of My Profile... 

And you thought the "See Friendship" option was personal. The reported “Memories” feature was linked beneath a user's profile photo in the prototype. Once clicked, the user was taken to a look back at status updates, photos, friend adds, etc. 

“It showed options for jumping to photos grouped by years: 2010, 2009, 2008, etc. with complementing information like status dated status updates, the number of friends added per year, events attended and Facebook places check-ins,” wrote The Next Web reporter Courtney Boyd Myers.

Facebook Memories (photo credit: TechCrunch)

Hello, Outside World

The leak also indicated that Facebook is testing a new option for News Feed called ‘Outside World’. Because of its placement in the drop down menu shown below (thanks to Twitter user @casschin) we're guessing this will enable users to include content outside of Facebook in their search results:


Facebook didn't have much to say, unless you count apologizing for the outage on Twitter. One Facebook spokesperson, however, shared the following statement: “While we are always experimenting with new features internally we are not making changes to Pages right now. Organizations invest a lot of time on their Facebook Pages because millions of people find them useful everyday. We remain committed to providing ways for Page owners to customize and control the experience on their Page. If we do make changes, we will provide partners with advance notice.”

In other words, we have no idea when these changes will be implemented -- if at all -- but it's fun to be ahead of the game in theory, right?