Facebook Applications Made Easy with Heroku
If you're in the market for something to ease the process of building Facebook apps, a new Facebook App Package from Heroku may be worth checking out.  

Heroku is a San Francisco startup that has been helping developers build and deploy applications for a couple of years now. The multi-tenant platform and hosting environment means apps don't need itheir own servers, slices, or clusters, and a complete API if provided for app management (available as a REST service or via the command line).

With the rise of Facebook, Heroku's newest release is a natural next step. The Facebook App Package translates the easy building, deploying, and scaling of applications over to the social network via a handful of tools:


"Facebook apps are a clear category where we've seen customers large and small successfully reach millions of new potential customers and users on our platform," said Heroku's CEO, Byron Sebastian. "The Heroku Facebook initiative helps customers leverage the best practices we have identified from working with these thousands of apps." 

Signing up with Heroku is free, but most of the add-ons will cost you. In addition to the Facebook package, Heroku also offers a variety of  goodies such as a feature for making working with the Twitter API easier, and Panda Stream for mobile. 

Check out the entire family here