FeedRoom Goes SaaS With Enterprise Video Platform v4.0

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The announcement that The FeedRoom (news, site), New York-based provider of Web video and digital media solutions, has released a SaaS version of its v4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is not really surprising.

Given the popularity of video at the moment, and the costs involved in developing live video streaming, it was only a matter of time before the company went down that road as companies like Kaltura lead the race to the (price) bottom by making its open source video solution free.

However, The FeedRoom is targeting companies that have large public relations or press departments and argue that public organizations will have to take to video in a market where transparency appears to be the buzz word.

Video Management For PR

How providing an online video content management system in a SaaS model adds to a given company’s transparency credentials is not clear, but what the company doessay is that they are catering for a growing PR market that feelsthat journalists need to seesubjects as well as read their press releases.

“Using online video, in both live and on-demand formats, companies can aid journalists, bloggers and others in building stories, particularly if the video is easily accessible in the resolution and in the format required for broadcast or embedding,” said Mark Portu, President and CEO of The FeedRoom.

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How v4.0 works

V4.0 Enterprise Video Platform

And last year when they launched v4.0 of their video platform, they gave journalists just that.

To recap – v4.0 includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • FeedRoom ContentCore, built utilizing a Web services API, provides users with a scalable, extensible, flexible and centralized content repository for managing video content that integrates with existing enterprise content management solutions.
  • A dashboard called FeedRoom Studio that guides users through the video publishing process within an Adobe Flex powered experience that is both flexible and intuitive.
  • Simple Upload through an easy interface, API and infrastructure enabling users to upload their content to any website supporting this functionality.
  • PlayerBuilder, enabling the creation of video players.
  • Backwards compatibility that ensures it is able to support previous FeedRoom solutions and allows customers to migrate to the new platform without difficulty.


The v4.0 User Interface

SaaS Features?

It's not clear from the announcement how much of v4.0 will be included with the SaaS version as it says it will be based on v4.0, rather than a copy of it.

However, they do list a number of features that would seem to indicate quite a substantial solution:

  • A range of player templates for customizable user experience
  • Content management services for managing your video communications assets
  • Download features for web and broadcast-quality video
  • XML and video RSS feeds to ensure syndication abilities
  • Advanced reporting tools for integration industry standard measurement services
  • Cost-effective marketing with viral sharing, UGC support.

Marketing SaaS Solution

If you’re still not sure about all of this, then FeedRoom may convince you with a White Paper on the benefits of video-enabling your virtual press room which, according to the blurb, discusses how video is an essential part of current communications strategy.

And then if that hasn’t got you, you can sign up to a free webinar on Wednesday, August 12 between 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT where The FeedRoom will participate in a live webcast on how to make your virtual press room, or website more valuable to media, investors and other stakeholders.

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