IBM Patents Social Media Remote, Joins Revolution
Finally -- a social media solution that lets us continue our sloth-like existence. Networking online can be so exhausting that IBM has filed a patent that describes a system that "allows a viewer to autoblog about currently experienced media programming in real-time without having to resort to direct interaction with a computer to perform the autoblogging."

The six-page patent application notes that the remote control would be ideal for use with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Joost. Most likely this is a glimpse of things to come as IBM attempts to assert itself as a major player in the social media revolution.

Nevermind that one of IBM's few forays into Web 2.0 includes a platform that is more media than social, but rather let's focus on the evolution of social media. Just when we think that we've seen it all or can't possibly incorporate another means from which to communicate and manage, further technological advancements and innovative products emerge.

The IBM social media remote may take years to develop and market, but we are humbled in knowing that one day social media will be so much more than it is today.