Is Facebook Brewing a Skype-Powered Video Chat Feature?
As you may remember, Facebook integrated with Skype last month. The news was pretty exciting then, but things have gotten even more interesting with app developer Tal Ater's note of the “VideoChat” object in Facebook’s code.

Ater noticed the new object while working on a Facebook application, and claims that it appears to have everything needed to introduce video chatting functionality:


(Photo credit: Tal Ater)

Further, while Facebook's recent activity makes it natural to assume that anything VoIP-ish will somehow involve Skype, Ater offers even more concrete evidence:

What is even more interesting is that the object has several properties which refer to Skype, and clearly suggest being able to video chat with Skype users, or maybe even associate your Skype id with your facebook identity.

Could Facebook be building a VoIP feature that enables users to video chat with their Skype contacts? We'd like to think so. After all, the social network giant's new ultra-synced and seamless messaging system is already on track to change the way we communicate. Why not add video chat to the mix?

On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that similar code was detected back in May of 2009. The team behind the Facebook curtain claimed that it was testing the feature, but had no plans to launch it to users. Obviously, that was true.

Official comments have yet to be made this time around, so, to be fair, we'll say that perhaps Facebook is doing tests similar to those of the past. But all the recent activity suggests something more, doesn't it?