Today marks the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver, Canada. No time to sit in front of the tube all day watching the events? Well luckily for you they will be covered almost exclusively by Facebook and Twitter.

There’s even a list of verified tweeting athletes. Fans can also check out Twitter-Athletes, a site that organizes lists of athletes in other sports who use the service and it links directly to Winter Olympic Tweets.

On Facebook, the IOC has created an Olympic Games Page, which already has more than a million followers. The page plans to feature updates and photos from athletes.

Despite some earlier confusion about rules governing social media at the Olympics, Bob Condron, Director of Media Services for the United States Olympic Committee says that "Athletes are free to blog during the Games," adding that "…Twitter is just a blog that's written 140 characters at a time."

And though an official Olympic hashtag has yet to be announced, consensus among many bloggers says that #Van2010 is the way to go.

So go ahead, cheer on your favorite Olympic athletes. From curlers to ice dancers to biathletes, here’s hoping it’s the 2010 games FTW.