KickApps Integrates Meebo, Yahoo Maps Using New App Studio

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KickApps Launches New App Studio

Like your KickApps social media solution? You may like it even more now that they have launched a new app studio to help develop highly customized Flash applications which can include the integration of third party applications.

KickApps, one of the more well known social media solutions vendors has announced the release of KickApps App Studio, the next generation of its widget and video authoring solution. While the studio continues to enable you to develop customized Flash applications, the new capabilities enable you to integrate third party applications, content and web services. And they have a couple of services already integrated to get you moving.

KickApps App Studio

The new App Studio is flex-based and has an interface that reminds you of Photoshop. You can drag and drop applications and components onto the canvas to create a custom web application to embed in your website.



 App Studio - Meebo Rooms Integration

Components such as video players, RSS feeds, chat, advertising units, rooms and maps can be combined together to create a highly customized Flash applications.

Integration of Third Party Applications

The first third party applications to hit the street are Meebo Rooms and Yahoo! Maps. In the near future you will also be able to integrate Meebo Community IM.

This isn't the first time KickApps has integrated third party solutions. They recently announced the integration of third-party ad networks to the their video players.

KickApps developers can submit their own applications and components to the App Studio providing a wide range of pre-built components that includes widgets, players and embeddable applications. KickApps says their marketplace exceeds 50,000 web publishers with more joining every week.

Learning Opportunities

A Web Experience Platform

From the sounds of it, KickApps has made another move with their plans to provide the ultimate web experience platform.

“The goal of KickApps is to become the platform of choice for web publishers looking for a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of their website experience,” said Alex Blum, CEO, KickApps. “The KickApps App Studio and its ability to enable broad distribution of third-party applications like Meebo and Yahoo! Maps is an essential component of our plan to offer publishers best of breed applications from the entire developer community."

With the addition of a strong content delivery relationship with Akamai, advertising support and built-in IM and presence awareness, they are well on their way to providing the full experience. Their community solution has been mentioned in the Forrester Wave for Communities as a strong contender, setting them apart from the over 100 possible community solutions out there.

Learn more about KickApps and their new App Studio on their website.