Today at the LeWeb conference here in Paris, Ryan Sarver, Twitter's Director of Platform made a series of four announcements, including the unveiling of Chirp -- a developer focused conference that will take place in San Francisco in Spring 2010.

Not a lot of details were provided, but there is a festive event page up, which is similarly scant on the finer points. A hard date has not yet been announced, but from comments over at TechCrunch Ryan Carson of Casonified is said to be producing the event. Ryan is also behind the Future of Web Apps and the Future of Web Design events.

The other 3 announcements made by Sarver include:

  • The real time "fire hose" of data will be made available for all developer partners, not just the big boys like Google and Microsoft. This is a 2010 item.
  • Twitter developers will get a new, cozy home on the web. The new dev website will be designed to better facilitate individual productivity, company transparency and collaboration.
  • Developers using oAuth for access will soon get a 10x increase in the cap of requests per hour that they can make. Those using Basic Auth will need to move on as support for this will be phased out over the next 6 months.

What can we in the content and collaboration industry read from these and other themes at LeWeb?

I see two obvious items. First, the real time data expectations are going to affect what customers expect of content and collaboration technologies -- non-real time is going to start appearing dated. Second, integration of data, sentiment and identity from services such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace is going to become increasingly seen as a standard requirement. Products which claim to be marketing suites will need to be pushing and pulling data in and out of the social fire hoses.