With more and more business being done over social networks, keeping track can be a nightmare. Meet Digsby, a desktop product to keep all your contacts in one place.

Suffering from Information Overload?

Since the introduction of tabbed browsing, it's amazing how much time you can waste just hopping from one site to the other to view updates, check your email accounts, see if a colleague of friend has replied to your latest missive or to play that next move in Scrabble while you should be compiling a report.

Digsby is a free download that incorporates all of the common instant messaging systems, including AIM, MSN, Jabber and others. It can also show your Web mail services like Gmail and social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, in one supercharged IM-like interface that will update you on any changes from any of your social sites.



Put all your contacts in one place

Digsby's developers have partnered with MySpace for a complete theme and OneRiot to add desktop-based search. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows, Digsby could be the program that prevents many cases of social-rage as users become evermore dependent on their social sites.


Digsby Social Networks

Making Being Social Simple

Installation is quick (assuming you skip all the shovelware it would like you to install) as the file is only 4Mb (for Windows). You need to create an account to manage your settings, and then you are ready to go. Adding your email and social accounts is sped up by the use of drop down menus to choose the appropriate accounts, add your details and you start getting pop-ups as activity occurs.


Digsby Global Status

All the settings can be changed for the minimum of intrusion or to receive as much information as you need. Digsby can be personalized with themes, alerts or tips can pop up where you want them and are interactive so you can reply in the same window before closing it to go back to what you were doing with the minimum of fuss.

There is also a widget that you can create and drop into your own blogs or websites so others can see what you are up to.


EDITOR'S NOTEAfter publishing this article it became clear that Digsby has some features that, while not exactly hidden, are buried far enough away to escape the casual user. They include using your PC and Web connection for searching on behalf of third parties. The feature can be disabled, and there is an explanation from the company. Use your own discretion before using this utility.