Motion for Movable Type Eases Brand Tracking

Those who are struggling with tracking (and participating in) what their community is doing across many different social networks now have a new tool at their disposal.

This tool is Motion, which you install on top of Movable Type Pro and use to create a deeper relationship with and understanding of your community.

What Exactly is Motion?

Motion touts the ability for you to "own your brand across the web," taking the theory that the biggest social network is the entire web itself. This tool offers four approaches to be more aware of and involved in the conversation around your brand:

  • Create a private, custom action aggregator to track your community's mood and what people are saying around the web.
  • Provide a private microblog community for simple internal employee or team collaboration.
  • Publish a public microblog to interact with your community while increasing your page views.
  • Create a public social network interact with your community across the web instead of competing against other social networks.

Check out the screencast below to get the full picture in motion.

These four approaches are made possible by a specific feature set:

  • Rich microblogging makes it easy to post text, links, images, audio or embedded video with just a click.
  • Action streams collect and share actions from across the web, from dozens of supported services including Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Delicious and Digg.
  • Community members can sign in with any web account from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, or any OpenID provider. 
  • Powerful profiles show member actions from across the web for all your registered users.

"Motion is an amazing manifestation of a vision for the next generation of social web applications. Each day more and more services emerge seeking to build new silos of activity and community on the Web. Six Apart is one of the only companies building products to help knit these services together in a meaningful way," says Majordojo's Byrne Reese.

Just Don't Take It Too Far

Another feature that Six Apart touts is the ability to control the conversation about your brand, such as who can post and create content on your site. However, there is a serious danger in taking the control aspect too far.

Today's social media users are savvier than ever about marketing messages and spin. The more you try to use a tool like Motion to control the conversation happening about your brand, the less people are going to use your Motion site. Worse, you can generate the kind of conversation that you created the site to avoid in the first place: a toxic one where people unhappily discuss your brand.

Still, used wisely, a tool like Motion can reduce the burden of keeping your ear to the virtual ground, making it far easier to be aware of what people are saying about you, your product, or your brand. Used right, you can use this tool to foster and encourage your community to talk directly to you, starting a conversation that benefits you both.

Ultimately, that is the real power of social networking. A power that Motion may very well provide. Check it out here and share your thoughts with us.