It's official: Facebook and MySpace are in a relationship. That is, the two social teams jointly announced an expansion of their partnership today, planting a Facebook Connect button directly on the MySpace homepage. 

If You Can't Beat 'Em... 

Users who login to MySpace with Facebook will now be able to pull in their likes and interests, making it easier to connect with their favorite entertainers (now MySpace's specialty). MySpace reportedly also has plans to integrate “Like” buttons, which will filter MySpace content such as music and videos into Facebook feeds:


This move confirms what we all already knew: Facebook is a place for socializing, MySpace is a place for entertainment. 

"Myspace is very committed to this new strategy of social entertainment," said Myspace CEO, Mike Jones. "We feel that this is a complimentary offering to Facebook and other social platforms."

Facebook recently removed their music tab and other app tabs from profiles, perhaps in preparation for today's announcement-- though it's worth nothing that this is not a special partnership (a.k.a. no financial component). 

Even without the dollar signs, perhaps such blatant teamwork will serve to burn up the last of the Facebook and MySpace comparisons still floating around the Web, as well as provide a much needed and fresh angle for the ex-social network throne holder. 

Glory Days

Meanwhile, Facebook is charging forward with other moves, including the Web-shaking Facebook Messages announcement. Without its one obvious competitor, Facebook's calling all the shots and holding all the cards. Does the alleged Google Me even stand a chance? Tell us what you think.