Fighting for visibility in the increasingly crowded social buzz/influencer/reputation analysis market, Networked Insights gets some further investment to be bigger and bolder.

Expanding Your Social Space

Having started out in 2006, with a US$ 4 million investment in 2007, Networked Insights has gone back to its main investor, Kegonsa Capital Partners, for a further US$ 5 million. The investment is to expand the social media market presence of its SocialSense platform.

SocialSense will see its sales and marketing campaigns beefed up. The company also plans new launches with its new-found investment. SocialSense monitors some 300 million people and over a billion of conversations, all on the prowl for meaningful messages, sentiment and other information that will be useful to companies, marketing agencies and those looking out for their brands.

Hit the Right Notes

Competing with the likes of Telligent, Whitevector and others, SocialSense is currently used by the likes of Sony, McDonalds, Intel and Cisco. It can be used to plan campaigns, advise on where to spend those digital advertisement dollars and evaluate how a campaign is going.

From community insights (found by monitoring the social scene) to tracking sentiment, the SocialSense solution uses easy-to-follow charts and graphs to show how feeling out in the real world is being expressed. Marketeers can use this information to tweak their campaign and respond to alerts if there's a problem.

Will the investment help SocialSense stand out from the, increasingly crowded, crowd? Or will the company be looking for a big buyer as the larger players try to build out their own social intelligence portfolios.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future, this level of analytics could also be used to measure internal company morale and focus on staff happiness, as this piece of University of Edinburgh research hints at.