Specific Media's newest solution - Dynamic Display Advertising
Advertisers can now save time, money and creativity with Specific Media's newest solution, Dynamic Display. Dynamic Display enables online advertisers the ability to deliver customized, highly-relevant display ads to target audiences across their online media plans in real time, with minimal creative investment required.By simplifying the management and delivery of the "creative elements" within display ads, DD lets advertisers customize up to three areas of an ad template. It also allows the advertiser to develop customer data feeds that follow set rules that can alter the customizable components of the ad template and deliver specific messages based on distinct audience profiles throughout its Premium Network.Used with Specific Media's demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic and retargeting technologies, the Dynamic Display platform can be beneficial for large organizations that seek to offer a variety of products or services or vary their message to add relevance and impact when targeting segmented audiences. Now they don't have to create several different ads with different messages, which can often be a long, intensive and expensive process. Sure Dynamic Display makes the art department's job obsolete, but think of all the time and money you'll be saving. The streamlining of customized messages is only the beginning, we fear. However, Specific Media is hopeful of the future, indicating that their new platform "provides advertisers a way to inject new life into their display advertising strategies."With the flexibility to allow advertisers to integrate and scale campaigns based on existing data feeds and media buys, while continuously delivering real-time results, Dynamic Display could be a big deal to online advertisers, who despite their current financial amnesty, are eager to get any advantage they can in today's volatile markets. Several advertisers within the travel sector, for example, are currently leveraging the platform to reach holiday travelers, including American Airlines.At present, Specific Media's Dynamic Display platform is available to advertisers across a variety of industries including the retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods and entertainment sectors. Learn more at www.specificmedia.com.