The End of an Era: Myspace Implements Facebook Connect
Once upon a time Myspace was the king of social networking and everyone in the land worshipped it for its profile customizability and infamous Top 8 function.

Facebook has long since usurped the throne when it comes to growth and overall number of users, but rather than be bitter it appears Myspace is adopting a familiar adage: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

What we’re talking about of course is Myspace’s recent decision to implement Facebook Connect on its Fan Video service. The service (if it’s not blocked in your region) allows a user to mashup eight music videos. Once a mashup is complete they can utilize the implementation for sharing their Myspace creations directly with Facebook friends.

The idea is that by bringing media from Myspace--now primarily known for music and video--back to Facebook, which continuously lacks in both areas, Myspace will be able to leverage their content and expose it to millions that may not have seen it otherwise. It’s a pretty anticlimactic development if you’re blocked from using Fan Video, but it speaks volumes about who’s who in social networking.

Finally, now partners rather than enemies, it will be interesting to see how Myspace's commitment to using Facebook's technology will continue to play out in 2010.