Social Media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here's the week's top stories, in scan-friendly format.

This week:

  • TechCrunch's Arrington Loses It With PR Firms
  • StockTwits Raises Funding
  • Macworld Sans Steve
  • Facebook Developers Grumble, but FB Platform 'Still Most Attractive Option'
  • Read Write Web's Best Apps of 2008
  • Random Scandal of the Week -- Slave Labor at HuffPost

TechCrunch's Arrington Loses It With PR Firms

In a wild, Chris-Crocker-style rant which had everyone asking "who spiked his non-foam double-latte?", Michael Arrington declared war on the PR firms that dare to ask TechCrunch to hold off on breaking news until they say so. Scared children cried and hid behind their mothers' petticoats, grown men slunk away.

Said an anonymous 'insider': "Yes, Arrington's done himself no favors with this tirade. Just in case he's damaged his reputation, perhaps he should look into hiring in some PR."

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb meanwhile wasted no time in telling Arrington he was wrong. He immediately reposted an older article on How and Why  Embargoes Work.

StockTwits Raises Funding

If there's one arena where time really does mean money, it's in the stock market. Twitter does timely news better than anybody or anything. StockTwits put the pieces together before anyone else (well, before anyone else could put together a product as good as theirs), and so this two-month-old site has just raised some first-round funding (reported to be US$ 800,000). VentureBeat has the full story and an overview of the service.

In other Twitter news, the microblogger has signed up to Facebook Connect, so you will soon be able to sign in with your Facebook details.

Macworld Sans Steve

To use a wholly inappropriate  metaphor, the very foundations of Cupertino shook with the news that Herr Jobs will not deliver the keynote at the next Macworld. Such is the strength of the Jobs cult, the Apple share price dumped 6% on a day where the Nasdaq was otherwise treading water. John Packzowski at Digtal Daily put this tragic news into stark contrast: 'MacWorld without Steve? That's like Baywatch without Hasselhoff.' 

Facebook Developers Grumble, but FB Platform 'Still Most Attractive Option' 

Venturebeat reports that some Facebook developers are unhappy with the way Facebook regularly "changes the rules about what developers can and cannot do" at a whim, and sometimes without warning.

But the post also points out why it's still far and away the most important platform of its kind: the sum total of apps on all OpenSocial get about 85 million pageviews a day, while Facebook apps get 500 million.

In other Facebook news, author Ben Mezrich, who glorifed the gambling exploits of duplicitous, cheating MIT students in Bringing Down the House, is going to repeat the trick (with Harvard students this time) with a new opus on the founders of the preeminent social network.  

Read Write Web's Best Apps of 2008 

Like the rest of us, RWW does a lot of Top 10 picking this time of year. Their 10 Best Real World Web Apps, particularly, contains a few relatively obscure gems that you or someone you know might find useful. We like Sermo, a social network for physicians that could actually provide tangible benefits to doctors and patients; and Kiva, which enables 'micro-lending' to entrepreneurs (US$ 50M so far) in developing countries. 

Random Scandal of the Week -- HuffPost

This is old, but its new to us. So it turns out that Huffington Post doesn't pay its bloggers. Er, what? Arianna Huffington, you just keep on laughing, with your cozy, cuddly, biased political agenda and the wonderful banner ads you serve on every page, your millions of page views, all the way to the bank.

I'd have voted McCain if I'd have known about this...