TypePad Adds New Community Features to Blog

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With the move to a new infrastructure finally nearing completion, TypePad is starting release more new features designed to take your blog's community to the greater social web. Three new features recently implemented include profiles, enhanced commenting and TypePad Connect.

All these enhancements and the latest batch of TypePad powered services -- AntiSpam, Blog It, Blog Link  -- demonstrate the work that Six Apart is doing with TypePad to make blogging a much more community oriented world.

TypePad New Features at a Glance

A little over two weeks ago, TypePad released three new beta features/services that they are quite excited about. Profiles, a new Commenting setup, and an entirely new feature called TypePad Connect aim to work together to allow a site owner to connect their website to their social contacts.


Profiles are similar to MyBlogLog or LinkedIn. TypePad profiles allow you to become part of a growing social network of people as well as create a social network feel to your existing site or blog.

  • Respond via email - Receive emails when someone responds to your TypePad powered comments elsewhere and respond to comments directly via email
  • Track comments - With the implementation of a comments RSS feed you can track your comments from TypePad powered blogs or your own blog
  • Compatible with thousands of sites - The use of TypePad profiles works on a large variety of sites and setups



New commenting features enhance the feel of a social community right on your blog:

  • Comments are styled to your blog and allow for open CSS changes
  • Threaded comments let users reply directly to comments
  • Profile pictures allow for a community feel
  • Administrate your comments directly on the site when signed in


TypePad Connect

TypePad claims the ability to “make your blog the center of discussion”. TypePad Connect does allow you to turn your blog into a socially interactive meeting place for your readers, friends of your readers, friends of yours and more.

Learning Opportunities

  • Easy comment management allows you to publish and unpublish right from the site
  • Respond and reply via email - receive emails when someone interacts with your profile and respond directly via email
  • TypePad AntiSpam blocks potential spam comments
  • Profiles allow for you to know your audience on a more personal level and they get to know you better as well
  • Compatible with WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, and more. The service plans on being compatible with more than just the short list of items right now.


TypePad Connect is super easy to connect your blog as well. One you have your account set, it is simply a matter of entering in some basic site info and adding a verification item to your blog. From there you are set to go with TypePad Connect. You do not need to sign up for anything other than the profile creation if you already use OpenID. It will log you in and then you just have to create your profile.

You don’t need a TypePad blog to use most of the new features -- they are compatible with a long list of other platforms. And if you're commenting on TypePad powered blogs already you will be thrust into a growing community already in place.

What's Next for TypePad?

So TypePad goes social with beta trials in an effort to compete with other social services like MyBlogLog and others. With an industry leading company like Six Apart behind them they just might provide some real competition for services that have become a staple in the industry.

There are also whispers of them moving forward into a next generation blog system and have hinted at working to ensure these new services play a major role in upcoming changes...such as implementing TypePad Profiles directly into the dashboard of TypePad blogs making administration of both even easier.

Stay tuned and what the future of the social web unfold before your eyes.