As you hardcore bloggers may or may not know, WordPress kicked out a beta version of their first application for the BlackBerry earlier this month and, mirroring their official platform release pattern, has since announced about a thousand (six) tiny iterations.

Since the announcement of the native application, a few similar offerings from competitors have come out of the woodwork. Wicked, an application from a company called ScreamingToaster, is one such solution that caught our eye. On the downside, it costs money. On the up, it seems (for the time being) to be relatively advanced as it saves blogs in the cloud, comes with a social GPS feature and integrates with popular tools like Twitter.

The Digital Lifestyle

Wicked is a WordPress application for the BlackBerry, so its most basic raison d'être is pretty obvious: Blog! From your BlackBerry! Using WordPress! Post-related functionality includes using Search and Filter to navigate your way through posts or comments, Spell Check, Auto Text, Copy, Paste, etc. But as ScreamingToaster stresses, it's more than just a mobile blogging platform. Wicked is:

Social: The Who's Near Me feature is like a GPS system for your friends. The tool allows you to see which of your friends and fellow bloggers are, so long as you've explicitly allowed them to know your location.

Convenient: For reasons other than the obvious. A to-do list feature allows you to capture any sort of fleeting thought and blog posts can be created directly from the list

Multi-blog friendly: Wicked allows you to manage multiple blogs (say, for example, you have a personal blog and a company blog)

Down with Twitter: When you update your status on your WordPress profile page via your BlackBerry, Wicked wil tweet it on your behalf

Photo-happy: Attach photos for a post directly from your BlackBerry's storage

It's not so bad when it comes to looks, either. Check out a video of the application in action:

It! Costs! Money!

Wicked costs US$ 30 annually (that's $2.50 a month) which is considered a small fortune compared to the *free* native offering, especially in penny pinching times like these. At this very moment it seems like the functionality surpasses WordPress' offering in coolness, but keep in mind that the WordPress offering is open source. Meaning the application will probably be able to fetch you a spot of lunch and tie your shoes once developers are done with it.

ScreamingToaster says they're actively working on an offering for other blog servers like Blogger and Tumblr so, who knows, maybe Wicked has a shot.

In any case, if you have a BlackBerry OS 4.6 device or higher, you can try the application free for 14 days here and see first hand how wicked it really is.