WordPress.com Automatically Sends Updates to Twitter
WordPress.com and Twitter. What more could you ask for on a Friday? If you're familiar with the highly popular blogging tool, then chances are you know about Ping-o-Matic! The simple update service comes built-in to WordPress.com, allowing people across the 'net to know when you've updated your blog by sending an XML-RPC ping each time you post. 

It's all about content distribution these days, so the solution makes a lot of sense. This week, it made a very natural--and likely expected--move by adding Twitter to the list of sites it sends updates to. Users can choose a default tweet or customize the message, as well as override the automatic settings on a per post basis. 

Previously the tool only alerted third-party services like Yahoo! Profiles, but with the way things are going with Twitter (up, up, up!) we can't imagine a move that makes more sense. For details on activating the service, head over to their support page