Zite Goes Beyond RSS: Combines News Aggregation and Social Media

2 minute read
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In the world of search and discovery, there aren’t many viable examples that give users the information they didn’t know. For every Pandora, Netflix and Amazon, there is a Google and Facebook. But Worio (news, site) has other plans.


Worio has created Zite, a new site that combines news aggregation with social media. Representing the spirit of the times, Zite generates recommendations based on the content, hashtags and links shared via Twitter and Delicious.

Generated from social media sites, blogs and a combination of methods, the recommended sites are presented to the user in a format that shows them the latest news as well as older items of relevance.

Zite goes beyond your typical RSS feed.


Learning Opportunities

Worio prioritizes information based on conversations and personalization. You can indicate which links you like and what you want more of. You can also combine follow terms or add and delete others.

A Special Invitation to Our Readers

Currently in private beta, Zite invites a limited number of users to test drive. Starting at midnight (PT) tonight, CMSWire readers can use this code to receive direct access into Zite and will not have to be part of the wait list process.

  • Enter your Twitter handle. Zite will create a personalized topic list based on your tweets. 
  • Customize your Follow List. You can add and remove topics and sources (e.g., CNN.com) from your Follow List as well as group them by clicking on Edit and dragging and dropping them together.
  • Find semantically related topics. Uncover a broad range of semantically related topics by clicking on topics in your Follow List or by searching new ones.

Zite's ability to learn from your behavior makes it unique. So go ahead, give Zite a try for yourself.We think you’ll be pleasantly engaged and discover things that you might not have found otherwise.