All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. * Vox Wins Best Web 2.0 Innovation. Think an Oscar is awesome? Try winning Shiny Media accolades. * Nitro Impresses Even Jaded PDF Consumers. We continue to be jaded, but admit we cracked a smile. * Beirut Market Yields Fancy New DMS Solution. With the major CMS players in the EU beginning to take shape, we await other innovations bursting out of the Middle East this year. * The Future is Collaborative. You've heard all the mash-up, wiki and file sharing talk. Apparently the present has been collaborative for some time. * Event: CM Conference Trifecta Hits San Francisco. This is huge. If you're in the city, try to make it this April. And a few throwbacks remain in the game. News on IE7 and SharePoint were big this week. And, of course, a new buzzword was born. We'll let you guess which: * PHP vs Java vs Ruby * Google Releases Optimized IE7 * Beyond Web 2.0, Here's History 2.0. Are We Ready? * Sitecore Updates CMS, Supports IE7 * SharePoint 2007 Review - Six Pillars of MOSS