It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

(Soundtrack for this week: U2 - It's a Beautiful Day)

Greetings and wishes of a good weekend! Here's my weekly roll-up of what's been shaking in Web CMS, Enterprise CMS and related technologies.

Here at CMSWire, we continued to delve into the matters of site and content optimization. Some of the topics we discussed include the importance of mobile strategy, usability vs. user experience and best practices for content optimization.

We also launched a poll "Do You Have the Knowledge and Tools to Optimize Your Website?" Have your say.

In Chicago, Day Software kicked off the first leg of their Day Ignite tour. While there's still a veil of mystery around the Adobe+Day vision and integration points (until the deal closes on October 28), we did get a look at the next release of (the so very mobile) CQ5 Web CMS and had a chance to get some burning questions answered.

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