As you may have heard, governance and content migration vendor Vamosa (news, site) fell into administration, despite the recent investment of £1 million through Glasgow-based Maven Capital Partners. According to our sources in the U.S., Vamosa has been sold.

As the ink is still drying on the deal’s papers, a note on “administration”: it can be somewhat likened to filing Chapter 11 in the U.S., with the goal of selling the business or finding other means of rescue.

Who Is the Buyer?

Out of several bidders that were involved, the buyer appears to be T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm.

What T-Systems is about:

  • About 45,300 employees worldwide
  • global infrastructure of data centers and networks
  • Information and communication technology (ICT) systems
  • For global corporations (in pretty much every vertical) and public sector
  • Integrated solutions for “the networked future.”

In financial year 2009, the company generated revenue of around EUR 8.8 billion.

What’s the Value?

What’s interesting about T-Systems is their “intelligent networks” approach and cloud computing work with dynamically scalable SAP services.
Where Vamosa could be of value to T-Systems is their Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) technology (for web and documents) that provides the following functionalities:

Governance is really the main part of the appeal here, as Vamosa has the technology to develop and enforce policies, evaluate and fix governance issues in the initiate -> create -> control ->consume lifecycle of content.

The most recent product, WebWorxx, is also interesting from the web operations management perspective. Vamosa has also done quite a bit of work with SharePoint and MS Office.

What’s Next?

Vamosa employs about 30+ people (with a subsidiary in the U.S.). We don’t foresee major cutbacks on the HR front. It would make sense to invest in Vamosa, and keep and grow internal knowledge and expertise. But no acquisition goes without trimming the fat.

With Vamosa being a relatively established brand in the field of content management and related technologies, chances are we will not see much rebranding.

Neither Vamosa nor T-Systems were available for comments at the time of publishing, but we will keep you posted as we know more.