SeeWhy Mixes Email Marketing with Abandonment Tracker
We’ve been following SeeWhy (news, site) since the inception of their so-called abandonment tracker, a tool primarily designed to lure waffling e-commerce customers into purchasing.

Many people have been (understandably) a bit skeptical about the tool. And so, in what is presumably an attempt not only to enhance their capabilities but also prove their value, SeeWhy has partnered up. Will working with e-mail marketing platform provider ExactTarget help gently drag shopping cart abandoners back to the checkout line? Maybe.

Analytics + E-mail Marketing

“Sophisticated marketers are continuously looking to streamline processes and boost overall marketing ROI,” claims Scott Roth, ExactTarget’s director of integrated partners. “The SeeWhy-ExactTarget partnership provides marketers a new solution to maximize value by optimizing e-mail marketing efforts using web analytics data to drive powerful remarketing and re-engagement campaigns.”

In this case, “optimizing e-mail marketing efforts” means blasting real time e-mails out to customers who have left behind full shopping carts, incomplete forms and registrations, etc.

Once the SeeWhy integration is complete through ExactTarget’s Extensions Network, ExactTarget customers will be able to auto-track web abandonment in real time and send real-time, follow-up emails that will hopefully entice abandoners to return to the website and finish their business.

The Missing Link?

We’ve considered the possibility of SeeWhy’s approach to re-marketing blowing over as nothing but “glorified spam.” But according to SeeWhy research, they’re in on something that’s about to be kind of a big deal. Their findings include:

  • Only two percent of web analytics users are able to conduct e-mail remarketing campaigns within one hour of a potential customer’s departure
  • 90 percent of said users not currently doing e-mail remarketing want to start. (The e-tailing group 8th Annual Merchant Survey reinforces those statistics in a report that shows targeted email as the top technique most merchants plan to use to impact web conversion.)

Moreover, the company claims that an immediate follow up is the least intrusive for recipients, rather than waiting a day to send a gentle nudge as most companies presently do.

As usual, we’re interested in your personal take on this whole bit. Today SeeWhy’s approach is certainly a road less traveled, but if their claims are correct maybe immediate and sweet-tempered harassment tactics will soon become something to look out for.

For more information on ExactTarget you can visit their homepage, or, to read up on more of SeeWhy's approach, head on over here.