Kentico (news site), a Czech vendor of web content management solutions built on ASP.NET, has just announced details of its 4.1 version, scheduled for release next August.

Founder and CEO Petr Palas, on Kentico’s blog, said this latest version carries a full text search engine based on Lucene.NET as well as improvements on the current engine based on SQL queries.

Based on input from Kentico's user community, the changes in 4.1 are part of a wish-list of over one thousand items from users.

Quicker And Better Search Results

While Palas says final tweaking has yet to be done, the new search engine will allow for greatly enhanced search speeds, as well as wider and better defined search results. The results will also contain a document preview and will be ranked in order of relevance based on the initial query.

Also new to Kentico 4.1 is a multiple attachments facility that will allow users to upload multiple files to a single document. The files are things like images and product image galleries and will be attached to the document for its entire life cycle, being erased with the document once its reached the end of its life. The reverse is also true – when you publish a document the attached files are published as well.

Developing Translation Ability

High on the wish- list from users and on its way in August, is a translation facility that allows the user see which document versions have been translated and which are outdated.

This begins the first phase of improvements to the language settings and will result in users being able to restrict content modifications to individual language versions of documents. This capability allows for the development of different sets of document standards for enterprises based in several different language zones.

Palas says that in versions beyond 4.1, Kentico will also be looking at implementing side-by-side translations and translation management.

A third set of improvements coming will be in the WYSIWYG editor. Version 4.1 will simplify the insertion of images and other graphic elements into a given document. With a few clicks, he says, you will be able to insert video, Flash or YouTube videos in its assigned place using a single, unified dialog.


Kentico Blogs. Introduced with version 4.0. However, the company says it will be looking at improvements to existing features rather than introducing new ones with Version 4.1

Earlier this year, Kentico launched the 4.0 version of its web content management system. That version added new social networking features like blogs, forums, wikis and message boards.

Palas says that for upcoming versions, the company aims to improve on those features rather than add new ones. The decision on what features to include in a given version will be decided after feedback from their community and the popularity of different items on their extensive ‘to-do’ list.

Fancy Winning $1000

Meanwhile, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a marketplace wheeler–dealer and you have a knack for developing content management add-ons, then Kentico is running a competition that could put US$ 1000 in your pocket.

The company has opened a new marketplace that allows community members to swap website templates, web parts, modules or any other add-ons that you can come up with.

Kentico is offering US$ 1000 for the best submission on the website. Already, it contains a number of add-ons for Kentico’s CMS for download, including a RSS reader and website templates.

"Although Kentico CMS for ASP.NET provides a complete solution for web sites, on-line stores and social networking, there will always be a space for community-created add-ons for some very specific needs," Palas said. "Kentico has an active community of thousands of developers who use the product every day. By launching the marketplace and running the competition, we would like to encourage them to share various extensions they created."

The winner will be announced on June 30th.