A new software product that provides content and visual management for the retail industry has just been released by Arigo as part of its Product Information Management (PIM) suite.

Arigo Collective untangles jumbled content in email, spreadsheet and file servers. Combined with with two other embedded solutions -- Concept and Flow -- that create product records and real-time resource and logistics management respectively, you get an end-to-end PIM solution.

Built with novice users in mind, the new solution is managed through an easy-to-use interface that allows users to devise new products, storyboard their development and track successive versions of the product.

It also gives companies a birds-eye view of all their documents and other assets across the enterprise.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Collective, which can be used on a number of different platforms including IBM, Windows, Linux and Sun, was designed to work in all browsers, is scalable and can be implemented without interfering with existing systems.

The visual content management software contains a number of different file types for different processes ranging for artwork to photograph manipulation to text document management.

Accessible from anywhere in a global enterprise once it has been installed, it can also manipulate industry specific files that can viewed at any time, but only through Collective.

Other features include:

  • Bridge to the Product Information Management Suite through which other solutions are available depending on need.
  • Enterprise-wide storage and tagging of assets.
  • Manage multiple file types covering all digital asset management.
  • View assets from main window, slideshow and cover flow.
  • Organize assets by category and project, or by a combination of categories.
  • Group edit assets for story-boarding.

Easy Configuration

Adaptable to any business environment, it is possible to configure Collective for medium to large enterprises as well as across multi-site enterprises.

It has been designed to integrate with legacy systems and enable bi-lateral communications and co-existence between the two.

Already an Oracle partner -- and offering discounts on installation and deployment around the Oracle Suite -- it is also developed to work with IBM and SAP.

This is facilitated through the customization of software, particularly for the manufacturing and retail sectors, where Arigo can layer custom code onto any element of the Arigo Suite to enable it integrate with external and internal applications.

Arigo Collective will be available during sometime during Q2 2009. It is available as a software package designed for easy implementation or as a SaaS platform for clients looking for an easy, turn-key experience.