Accrisoft Corporation is releasing version 8.0 of its Freedom Web CMS aimed at building and managing dynamic, database-driven websites. Freedom 8.0 includes upgrades to the user interface as well as to email marketing, statistics and file management.

Freedom 8.0 Targets Ease of Use, Flexibility

Accrisoft simplified the Freedom 8.0 user interface with the addition of a quick launch bar that allows users to view and select filtered search results on the left side of the screen upon typing the name of a module they are looking for. The simplified file manager also allows users to drag and drop files directly from their desktop into the browser.

Upgrades to Freedom’s statistical capabilities integrate Google Analytics data directly into the application and also offer new statistical graphics and animations. And email marketing enhancements include new email templates with multiple content areas that allow non-technical users to update campaigns, as well as embedded event lists and news articles lists directly within campaigns.

Other new features include photo image rotators and the ability to directly import WordPress, TypePad and Blogger files into Freedom 8.0 for conversion into Freedom files. The ability to directly import TypePad documents may prove especially valuable as a selling point for Freedom 8.0.

According to a recent posting on the WebHostBlog, data from indicates more than 4 million websites run WordPress. This is significantly more than 1.4 million websites running the second-most-popular CMS, Joomla. In addition, the usage of WordPress has been increasing steadily during the past year and currently accounts for 77,185 websites in the top million. 

Accrisoft May Need More to Avoid Commoditization

According to a recent report from Frost & Sullivan, Accrisoft is including the “must-have” Web CMS capabilities in Freedom 8.0, but may not be offering enough to break away from the pack. Frost & Sullivan says Web CMS solutions must include functionalities featured in Freedom 8.0, such as content management and editing, templates and forms and extensibility (on-board modules/APIs that extend the functionality of the solution).

However, the report also advises that to avoid becoming commodities, Web CMSs should also offer customer experience management capabilities such as SEO, visitor customization/personalization and onsite social engagement. Freedom 8.0 does offer at least one customer engagement feature, namely onboard Web analytics capabilities, but Accrisoft should look into providing more of these features in the next iteration of Freedom.