Janvarev Vladislav is the creator of FLAscheme, a solution for anyone who wants to use their CMS to put Flash diagrams on website pages. 

Diagrams In A Flash

FLAscheme is a Flash-based chart editor and plug-in for Web CMS systems from the developers of Fuzzle CMS. Currently supported are those latter-day Marx Brothers; MediaWiki, WackoWiki and WikkaWiki with support for Drupal on the way.

What you get is a slick Flash-based chart or diagram editor with all the smart looking icons, line styles and text effects you'd need. It can be used to create static examples or used in Wikis as editable images to help collaboration.

There is a sandbox demo to try on the site, it is free for home users (download it with links to your personal domain) or buy a license for business, based on a visits-per-day date that ranges from US$ 49 to US $1,999 and up.


Learning Opportunities

Icon Do It

As you can see from the video, charts are created by picking icons and arrows from the menus, placing them in the right location and adding your text. It only takes a matter of minutes to create an impressive looking chart that will appear on your CMS's pages. Arrows will automatically point in the right direction, speeding the design process up.

Aside from the previously mentioned CMS types, you can get FLAscheme to work on other, and custom, CMS installations by following the step-by-step guide on the site. One of those "so simple, its brilliant" ideas, this can add a lot of impact to small business sites and help explain topics that look horribly complicated written down.