ADXSTUDIO CMS 6.2 New Version Release Wiki Microsoft Web CMS .NET
ADXSTUDIO has recently announced the immediate availability of version 6.2 of their Web CMS. This release adds features that help with the management and development of content while providing a complete Wiki template for content collaboration.ADXSTUDIO is a powerful .NET-based Web CMS that allows users to build high performance, scalable and secure Web sites built specifically for the Microsoft platform. This latest version of ADXSTUDIO CMS builds upon what version 6.0 and 6.1 provided, and further offers a slew of new features that simplify and extend functionality.

New Features for v6.2

First, version 6.2 of ADXSTUDIO CMS offers users a simplified development experience that will reveal a better interface, increasing the control and efficiency over content creation. Next, the interface itself has been completely revamped in order to provide a better experience for document management processes and other management tasks. Also new in this version is the inclusion of a new SQL Document Provider. This eliminates the need for Active Directory ACLs and existing Active Directory schema while also improving site migration efficiency. While all that is great, one of the most unique features in version 6.2 of ADXSTUDIO is the inclusion of a wiki solution: Users can now easily build a fully functional wiki that leverages the ADXSTUDIO CMS's capabilities. Users can get a head start with an included wiki template that will allow them to put a wiki-based site into production quickly. This feature ultimately provides a social aspect that will allow the collaboration of content on a ADXSTUDIO Web site.

Windows Azure Support

As for the future of ADXSTUDIO, the team has recently announced support for Microsoft Cloud Services while presenting at the Professional Developer's Conference 2008 (PDC2008). The CMS and CRM Developer Toolkit is said to be fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud-based computing platform. The company has long planned for the integration with Microsoft's Cloud Services, and they are now demonstrating the potential benefits at the conference. The company announced their plans on center stage at PDC following Microsoft's keynote about the highly anticipated Windows Azure. The company sees cloud computing as the future and it is clear that they are putting a lot of trust into Microsoft's services: "Cloud-based computing significantly lowers the barriers that developers face in building modern web applications while, at the same time, eliminating capital expenditures and lowering operational expenses that are required to bring new web products to market," stated Doug Schneider, President of ADXSTUDIO Inc. "We felt it was important for us to be early adopters of Microsoft's Cloud Services so that our customers can realize these benefits while building modern websites on a strong content management platform." It will be intriguing to see where the ADXSTUDIO takes the CMS and CRM components of their system. Hopefully the transition to the cloud will be a smooth and secure ride. CMSWire will be covering the developments as they happen. The ADXSTUDIO CMS team is currently exhibiting at Microsoft PDC2008, which is currently taking place at the LA Convention Center through October 30. Those interested in the product can find more information about how ADXSTUDIO is taking advantage of dynamic CRM, LINQ, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008 and many of Microsoft's cloud-based computing products. For those of you missing out on PDC2008, feel free to visit ADXSTUDIO's Web site for more in-depth information about their products and services.