The Amaxus platform has been part of the Web content management pool since 2001, but it wasn't properly introduced to the Web until just last month. 

That is to say, see how we linked 'Amaxus' to the Amaxus website? We could never do that before! We're not exactly sure what inspired Box UK--the team behind the Amaxus curtain--to finally outwardly share their content secret, but perhaps it has something to do with the launch of  release of Version 4 of the Amaxus software. The update boasts a revamped user interface, support for the latest technologies, and features such as a social networking module.

Amaxus Maximus

Amaxus was originally launched roughly 8 years ago, and implemented a very early version of the technology that would later become known as AJAX. Since then, Amaxus has undergone four major versions, each an attempt to keep up with the quickly changing times. 

Currently, the platform focuses on six major areas: 

  • Streamlined User Interface: Designed from the ground-up by usability experts, Amaxus claims that their UI is where it's at
  • Universal Search: Finding content and data in Amaxus is reportedly pretty simple. The search system is shortcut-enabled and predictive 
  • Content Support: This one is a given. With its content and classification model, Amaxus can manage and intelligently publish all your content: rich media, text, documents, databases and more
  • Workflow & Versioning: Amaxus claims to have all the core features you’d expect from an enterprise Content Management System, including content versioning and roll-back, sophisticated workflow, and roles-based permissions
  • Control: Users can manage more than just content. They can control functionality, page templates and various details of their website through the graphical web-based interface.
  • Enhanced Google Rankings: Though they don't offer much detail, Amaxus claims to have numerous integrated features to improve search engine rankings, including a unique SEO checker, editable URLs and standards compliant output

The solution is also pretty big on social perks and content distribution right now. To get a user's output to other sites, Amaxus 4 also features an unlimited number of publishable RSS feeds, content can automatically publish as tweets, a REST API can publish content across popular sites like Facebook and YouTube, and a Social Bookmark block allows  visitors to alert Digg, Delicious and StubleUpon, among others.

As for the actual website, it's pretty much what you'd expect. Some of the areas visitors can explore on include Customers, which reveals who else is also using Amaxus to power their website; Features and Benefits delves into functionality; Technology comments on Amaxus being built on PHP 5 and the developmental benefits of open source.

Also, the Showcase and Resources section provides screen casts and case studies,  for visitors who might need a bit  more convincing. A number of downloadable Product Sheets are also available.

“For over eight years, Amaxus has consistently delivered complex yet easy-to-manage websites for our clients. There are hundreds of websites being powered by Amaxus and we are really excited that we now have a site devoted to highlighting this exceptional product,” said Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director of Box UK. 

Check out Amaxus' new digs and let us know what you think, or head on over to the team's blog page for the most up to date information on the CMS.