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With the globalized nature of web content management services, vendors can theoretically service clients from across the globe, regardless of physical location. However, there is value to having an actual physical presence among fast-growing markets. Australian web content management vendor Elcom (news, site) recognizes this advantage, and has recently expanded into the United States through its New York office.

At the 2010 Gartner (news, site) IT Symposium, Elcom announced opening an office in New York, where the company will manage its partners and clients in North America. Elcom CEO John Anstey cited North America’s domination of the global web content management (WCM) market, and says Elcom’s expansion into the US represents a substantial growth opportunity for the company. “We have had a lot of interest from the USA … It is a logical next step in expanding our global reach and sales efforts.”

While the Asia Pacific market seems keen on taking up cloud services and CRM, Elcom cites Gartner’s own industry research in helping toward this decision to expand in North America. The US accounts for 60% of worldwide revenue in the WCM market. Moreover, Gartner has predicted a 14% compound annual growth rate from 2009 to 2014. Elcom believes the timing is right, and that the New York office will bring in highly lucrative opportunities.

Elcom is a provider of enterprise web content management systems, particularly the CommunityManager.NET suite, which it plans to further develop for the American market. CommunityManager.NET is a platform that integrates web content management, social networking, electronic commerce, knowledge management and online marketing.

Mobile Technology and Analytics

The latest release of CommunityManager.NET will offer significant upgrades from prior versions. Elcom recognizes that mobile phones will overtake computers as the preferred mode of Web access by 2013. Elcom’s CommunityManager.NET version 7.2 supports user-agent detection technology, and will automatically format content depending on the device used. This will help save time and money in re-developing and re-formatting content for mobile devices.

Meanwhile, version 7.2 also includes a new analytics engine that will be effective in collecting, analyzing and reporting on various metrics. Other enhancements include publishing content directly from Microsoft Office and SharePoint documents.

Localized Marketing, Sales and Support

Elcom will be training and developing partners in North America, for a better support-system for their product. Anstey stresses the value of local support in contributing to CommunityManager.NET’s outlook in the American market. “We are excited at the opportunity to offer this to a completely different marketplace,” he adds.

Elcom will send Australian staff to assist in the setup of its New York office, and to provide training and support for participants in its Partner Program. Elcom’s New York office will open in January 2011, and is expected to bring in American managers and staffers to provide regional expertise.