Author-it Makes Every Man Master of Both Time and Content

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New Zealand's Author-it Software, which specializes in authoring, publishing, localization and web content management, has released Author-it Live, which takes all the characteristics Author-it is known for and puts them into a neat little authoring package.Every software that hopes to survive to tomorrow is developing a fully-accessible online version of its solution. Make it so they don't have to download anything either, and you've won 30 percent of a consumer's affections (in our anecdotal estmation, anyway). Author-it has met these two criteria for enterprise 2.0 love, having ensured Author-it Live is, at its foundations, a fully-functional online version of the company's flagship product. That means you get enterprise CMS-style assistance on a platform that's as light and accessible as ... well ... MySpace. (Except without all the crashes.)Author-it Live enables global teams to collaborate on the collaboration, reuse and management of content from wherever they are, as long as an Internet connection is handy. And it's simple to navigate, a big plus for busy people who don't have the time to learn a whole new suite of functionalities.In general, Author-it will find fans among enterprises involved in heavy distributed content creation and review - in a few years, that'll be everybody. The Web-based tool is a boon for departments that deal with large amounts of redundancy and reusable content.They'll also appreciate the mobility. General Manager Steve Davis of Author-it noted that "With the number of remote workers growing at an astounding rate [projected by Entrepreneur Magazine at 51 million by 2008], the product's 'anytime, anywhere' access via the Internet will become an increasingly critical factor for American businesses." He's not joking. To add to that statistic, the Freelancer's Union notes that over 50 percent of the American workforce today can be considered a freelancer of some kind. So it's not just companies seeking efficient teams beyond their borders; people are diversifying and becoming more mobile. That's why a solution like Author-it is so juicy.Plus, Author-it went out of its way to build its authoring, management and publishing functionalities on its own platform, which means they all work together like they should. We mention this because one so often sees an ECM solution that's been knitted together by a trinity of third-parties, or a joint collaboration between two different forms of specialist software. While that's nice for some things, a seamlessly-integrated tool is our preference to one that may not be.Finally, technical requirements are bare-minimum: a Windows Server, and an Internet connection for each user. Isn't that a beautiful checklist? If you're ready to drink the Kool-Aid, hit the Author-it website or give them a call at (800) 754-0377. Catch you in the global village.