It's a new year, but the Ektron story is far from over.

Multiple sources confirmed today to CMSWire that Bill Rogers is no longer CEO at Ektron, the company he founded. The move signals the end to the Rogers family era for the 16-year-old web content management systems (Web CMS) provider.

The Rogers' brothers -- Bill and Ed -- had worked together at the Nashua, NH-based company for a good chunk of its 16 years. Ed, who served as chief operating officer, was fired in 2011 and went on to found Akumina. Bill was Ektron's CEO all the way through last month's major investment by Accel-KKR.

However, speculation was high that Rogers would be ousted, and sources today confirmed to CMSWire that Ektron officials told the 200 or so employees of Rogers' departure earlier this week.

It is unclear as of now if Rogers was terminated or left on his own terms. CMSWire's email and text to Tim McKinnon, Ektron president, were not immediately returned.

Lead-up to Rogers' Exit

2015-2-January-Bill Rogers.jpg

During the first half of December, Ektron was all the rage. Rumors began to fly at the Gilbane conference in Boston that Ektron was being sold to a private equity company.

Soon after, the company acknowledged only a second round of investing by Accel-KKR and not an actual sale. In interviews with CMSWire, McKinnon confirmed Bill Rogers was still on with the company.

A few days later, that same private equity firm announced an investment into another company in the space, EPiServer. 

All the while, Rogers, for all intents and purposes, remained as CEO.

But a tweet on New Year's Eve by Nicole Rogers, who a source confirmed is Rogers' daughter, indicated a Bill Rogers' exit from Ektron:



Nicole Rogers did not issue a comment when contacted about her tweet.