Bitrix Adds French, German Language Packs

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Bitrix Site Manager Adds Language Packs
The Professional Edition of Bitrix Site Manager just got an added advantage -- two new language packs.French and German have now been added to Bitrix Site Manager by way of collaboration. Bitrix worked with Erne Consulting AG and Stark-iT to bring the new versions of Site Manager to market.Erne Consulting is a customer of Bitrix. Their primary language -- French -- was not available when they selected the Web CMS for their own portal. So they went to work translating it, obviously with the assistance of Bitrix because now it's available in French to all customers.The same resolution came about for the German version of the Web CMS. This time through the efforts of Start-iT, a Bitrix partner. They independently translated both the front-end and back-end of Site Manager. “Our extensive work on the localization will continue to keep the German pack up-to-date,” said Igor Stark, CEO of Stark-iT. You can test the new languages in the Virtual Lab or download a trial. These language packs apply to the latest version of Site Manager -- version 7 -- just released in July.