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  • How Computer Science Has Revolutionized Tech

    How Computer Science Has Revolutionized Tech

    The one’s and zero’s are all around us. Computer science and code have completely changed the world and how we interact with it. Just for a quick rundown, source code (often simply referred to as code) is at the core of how computers operate.

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  • Microsoft: Improving Customer Experience Analytics

    Microsoft: Improving Customer Experience Analytics

    Tech companies are like athletes. Both look to increase their capabilities, but the outcome from their effort does not always lead to straight to a goal. Take Microsoft. Already iconic for its Office software suite, Microsoft has been a hit and miss in some of its other forays.

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  • Making 'R' More Accessible for Marketers

    Savvy marketers are making use of R programming. The value of R to business intelligence stems from evaluating advanced strategies based on data, discovering new insights and relationships that can be leveraged. Its influence has reflected in the salaries commanded for understanding it. Human resources site Dice reported R

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  • The Road to Easier Marketing Analytics

    The Road to Easier Marketing Analytics

    Marketers, are we at the point that you're at a competitive disadvantage if you're not using R to crunch data? If your answer is, "What R you talking about?” it’s time to consult with a data analyst. At least that’s the message Eleanor McDonnell Feit and Christopher Chapman are selling.

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  • Across Language Server v5 Adds Business Intelligence

    Across Systems, the masterminds behind the Across Language Server has released the fifth generation of its central software platform. This latest product iteration introduces new features, as well as new concepts that employ business intelligence in multi-language documents and content.

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  • Translation Management with Across Systems

    Across Systems (news, site ), the corporate translation management systems provider, is asserting itself as a force within the language industry. At conferences and special speaking engagements, they've been busy make the rounds and aiming to stay relevant.

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  • SDL Integrates Next Generation Content Translation Automation

    Last summer, SDL (news,site) launched a Worldwide Language Service Provider Partner Program to help organizations get their content in the right format to the right customer. This week, they have announced another strategic partnership with Language Weaver, a self-described human communication solutions provider.

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  • English isn't the Only Language of the Web

    The linguistic landscape of the World Wide Web is changing. Though at times English seems like the most widely spoken and used language, we are humbled to remember that there are hundreds, if not thousands of languages. When it comes to the web, Asia already has twice as many Internet users as North America and by 2012 it will have three

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  • Bitrix Adds French, German Language Packs

    The Professional Edition of Bitrix Site Manager just got an added advantage -- two new language packs. French and German have now been added to Bitrix Site Manager by way of collaboration. Bitrix worked with Erne Consulting AG and Stark-iT to bring the new versions of Site Manager to market.

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