Bitrix ASP.NET Site Manager v5.5 Offers Improved Social Media Capabilities

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While upgrades to Bitrix’s (news, site) PHP-based Web CMS Site Manager are common enough, there have been fewer upgrades to its ASP.NET version, which was introduced in late 2009. This week though, Bitrix has released a new version as v5.5, which comes with new quick-start solutions as well as performance improvements and improvements to its ORM modules.

While the PHP version has been going great guns amongst web editors and developers, Bitrix has also been looking after those who are either locked into, or prefer using Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform for their web projects.

ASP.NET v5.5

Many of the new features that are being offered in v5.5 are mirrored in the PHP version and, like it, users can change the structure of the ASP.NET version, while also providing variations in design and colors that can be adjusted according to the projects they are used for.

Again, like the PHP version, it was originally built with a full box oftools to keep everyone happy including a core design and layoutmodule, individual modules to help create content, forums, blogs, photogalleries and handle search and advertising.

With this version it moves forward with thatand offers those that arejust setting up their web presence, or those that are fundamentallychanging it,out-of-the-box templates for the creation of websites forcorporations, communities or even personal websites from within theinstall wizard.

Bitrix_Back End CP_CMS.jpg

Bitrix Back End Control Panel

It has also taken into account the huge presence social media has in enterprises at the moment and has dramatically improved its forums, blogs, personal communications and ratings features.

Learning Opportunities

The proactive protection module, which provides protection through a built-in web application firewall,has been enhanced along with the ORM (Object Relational Mapping) system enabling developers to avoid writing repetitive code,thus speeding up mundanetasks likefiltering and retrieving data from the database.

Bitrix has also provided tight integration between the ASP.NET version and Visual Studio 2008, as well as well as certification for MS Server 2008 R2.

There are a lot of improvements to many of the modules here that are too numerous to list, but overall the result is improvements across its eight modules enable users to create and edit content in a flexible environment making the editing process a “joyful” experience -- their words not ours.

Bitrix’s Adaptive Interface

One feature that it is worth noting is the Adaptive Interface, a user friendly interface from which the principal features can be accessed. This, according to Bitrix, enables users to cut out some of the requirements for developers -- sorry guys! --as non-technical users should be able to perform most of the content management operations as long as someone has experience with office applications.

Bitrix_Adaptive Interface_Contol Panel.jpg

Bitrix Adaptive Interface control panel

It also says that it will help prevent mistakes commonly made while editing web site content, which would be really nice if, in fact, it does that.

Users of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 5.0 with valid support contracts can upgrade to the new version for free using the product’s SiteUpdate feature, while all other can avail of a fully-functional 30-day demonstration version of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET, available from the Bitrix website.

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